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We do not STOCK any items shown here. ALL items are CUSTOM FABRICATED or custom ordered on request.This includes SengDeng Chod Damaru from 8″ to 10″ in diameter.
Zabshing (Bawa) Damaru are super light weight, made of the burl of the tree, but are more expensive. Please contact us with your request and for current prices, as they can fluctuate.
Occasionally we receive special or extra items, and if so these are listed here on a monthly basis.

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  • Damaru are more than musical instruments. The Chod damaru embodies the blessings, power, lineage of the path, and is the dwelling place of the yidam, the dakini, the protector and the mind of the lama.

Damaru: Essence of Chod

All these damaru are made in adherence to the strictest standards as required by the ancient oral and written traditions of tantric, Vajrayana practice. Specifically, the shape, size, and many material requirements of the damaru, come directly from MaChik Labdron and subsequent masters of the art of Chod. Specific qualities and requirements of damaru fabrication can be found here. If you wish to understand the art and spiritual practice of Chod, please visit our sister site, the School of Tibetan Healing Chod.

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Wood Kangling
29 photos
Tang Tong Gyalpo PHURBA
41 photos
Skull Malas
7 photos
Hand Damaru
8 photos
Tibetan Bell
27 photos
Ritual Kapala
22 photos
Skull Damaru
29 photos
87 photos
Bone Kangling
2 photos
Beyond Bone
14 photos
75 photos
54 photos
Antique Damaru
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Damaru of Chod

Exquisite Chod Damaru

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