Treasures from the Himalayas—Feb 2014


Traditional Chod DamaruBack in the USA, I have received my shipment of hand-picked dharma treasures.

  • Many are one of a kind, all are unique, precious and made by the best authentic traditional fabricators.
  • Vajrayana requires sacred implements made according to ancient tantric science.
  • Their powerful energetic and spiritual effects dramatically improve our practice, meditative experience—and the ability to benefit others.
  • Supporting their creation assures that the science of tantric Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan will not be lost.

TangTong Gylapo Phurba

Tang Tong Gylapo Phurbas
  • Rare phurbas made from TangTong Gyalpos's iron links
  • Available in small, medium or large size with copper case.
  • Contact us directly for details, availability and price.

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Skullcup Damaru

Kapala Damaru
  • Made according to correct vajrayana traditions.
  • Two skulls: male & female with their yidam mantras in gold
  • Brocade or leather strap, chopen, and high quality stiff case

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Chod Damaru

Chod Damaru
  • We pioneered the return to authentic Chod damaru.
  • We are still the only reliable source of properly made damaru
  • The authentic damaru is a channel of great spiritual power.

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Wood Kangling

Wood Kangling
  • Traditional wood (shing) sengdeng Chod kangling.
  • Excellent sound and very easy to play
  • Safe for travel, airports, public graveyards, etc.

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Tang Tong Gyalpo
  • Special TangTong Gyalpo statues are back!
  • Unique one of a kind statues of Tamdrin, Troma, White Mahakala and others
  • Copper, brass and fire gold

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108-Skull Mala

Skull Rosary

  • From 108-different human skulls
  • For wrathful yidam practice, such as Dorje Phurba, Mahakala, etc.

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Kapala skullcup
  • From Bhutan, Brahmin or Tamang Buddhist of Nepal.
  • Bare bone, can be coated with beeswax, etc.
  • Availability is limited and variable. Please enquire!


Bone Kangling

Human Bone Kangling
  • Buddhist bone source, both male and female human kangling available (Not from Chinese sources or Moslem graves
  • Stiff brocade cases. Treated with beeswax as a moisture barrier.

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Thangkas—Black & Gold

  • Exquisitely fine gold on black Thankas.
  • All made by a single yogi practitioner/artist
  • Each one of a kind, full brocade frames, etc.

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Domra—Chod Hat

  • Traditional Chod hat
  • Protects spirits from the yogi's gaze
  • Helps the direct perception of negative entities

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Cymbals and Drum

  • Very rare rolmo cymbals from Solokumbu fabricators in Nepal .
  • Large drum (Nga) with natural, trink pak skins—very rare

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